All about hepatitis c symptoms and treatment. We will help you access the most affordable treatment for hepatitis c virus.

About Us

The World Hepatitis Support Project is the development of an idea originally conceived in 2015 by international  Hepatitis C activist Greg Jefferys  who founded the first “Buyers Club” for people with Hepatitis C.

The World Hepatitis C Project has finally been brought to reality in 2019 through Greg’s collaboration with the Australian company Affordable Medical Access International.

Both Greg and AMA believe strongly that access to affordable medical treatment is a fundamental human right and that people are more important than profits.

They see the World Hepatitis C Support Project as one small step toward a fairer and more compassionate world where people can access affordable medical treatment without being blocked by the price barriers created by the international pharmaceutical industry.

About Affordable Medical Access

Affordable Medical Access International is an Australian company dedicated to providing affordable, high quality medication at the lowest possible prices.

Affordable Medical Access International was created as a corporation dedicated to providing low cost Hepatitis C medicines.

At Affordable Medical Access we believe in the simple philosophy of “People Before Profits”. Whilst it is completely fair and reasonable for businesses to make a profit from their endeavours, these profits must be fair profits and not the grossly obscene profits currently being made by the big pharmaceutical companies.

Our mission is to provide access to affordable, high quality medication to all people in need of that medication. At the present moment our focus is on providing access to Hepatitis C medication but in the long term our vision is to open be able to help people access all forms of medication.

We are possibly unique in that we completely trust our clients. If people tell us that they are in an impoverished situation then we believe them. We do not require proof. If people say they need our help then we will help them.

The World Hepatitis C Support Project is based in Australia but is a global project for access to Hepatitis C treatment without borders.

Access to Hepatitis C treatment through the World Hepatitis C Support Project is open to all people of all nations regardless of race or religion or any other factor. If you are in a financial situation that prevents your from accessing treatment through normal channels we will help you.